Welcome to the LVVTA Plate Check for LVV Certification Plates

About the LVVTA Plate Check

This Plate Check is for the engraved aluminium LVV Certification Plates that were produced between 1992 – 2021 which were engraved with the modifications details that were present at the time of LVV certification. The search function allows the user to check the LVV Certification Plate details against LVVTA’s database to ensure the LVV Certification Plate is genuine and has not been tampered with.

The exact layout may vary from the sample displayed as the plate design changed multiple times over the near 20-year span they were produced but the data displayed should match the LVV Certification Plate.

How to enter details into this page

You can access the information on the vehicle modifications by entering the Plate Number together with the last six digits of the vehicle’s VIN number exactly as recorded on the LVV Certification plate into the fields above.

There are abbreviations on my certification plate – what do they mean?

It can be difficult, if not impossible to fit full descriptions of all the modifications on a certification plate. Therefore it is often necessary for us to abbreviate some modifications. Click here for a list of common used abbreviations that you may find on your LVV certification plate. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the list, feel free to give us a call and we can hopefully solve the mystery.

More information

For more information relating to Low Volume Certification Plates, please click here to read our FAQs page.

What a Plate looks like

sample plate